How it Works

Localripplenet is a decentralized platform for the trading of crypto assets p2p or person to person, where we seek to build trust and transparency, protecting the buyer and seller in a balanced way.

The Problem

Many people have not found exchange houses or platforms that allow them to carry out these purchase and sale transactions in their local currency, which in turn protects them from any fraud carried out by either party. The platforms that offer this service do so only by offering Bitcoin as an exchange currency, Bitcoin is slow and high in commissions.

The Solution

LocalRipplenet understands the problem and it seeks to introduce for the first time a decentralized p2p network that offers to trade directly with ripple (XRP), understanding that Ripple is sent in seconds and is low in commissions, thus allowing rapid confirmation when making purchase transactions and sales.


Our arbitrage and fraud detection system makes buying and selling completely safe and transparent.

Live Chat

Establish direct conversations with the buyer or seller where both parties can be part of the transaction verification process in order to speed up the process of verification and release of funds.


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